Libre Collarless Shirt Library

a community shirt library

collarless & brandless

Creating abundance

Tada Shirt Library  –  by the numbers

Shirts in the library

Shirts in the community

Shirts exchanged

Launched in 2022 after 2 years of carefully curating over 1000 second hand linen shirts

the Solo Artist

Buy a single shirt and get 1 exchange

250 THB

the Emergent Artist

Get 4 shirts and 8 exchanges

1000 THB


 50 THB per exchange after limit

the Curator

Get 8 shirts and unlimited exchanges

2000 THB

Why Collarless?


1 because most brands charge more for less

2 tie’s don’t work


Why brandless?




Also known as

grandad collar – mandarin collar – neru collar – band collar – 

Want to start your own community library?

would love to share all we learned 

excited to see this concept replicated & adapted

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