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Bags & Rags

Scarfs & other wearable designs


About rye

Uncomfortable with the label ‘designer’ until recently, Rye has been designing since 16 when he ran a  screen-printing operation out of his dirt basement with plant based inks on 100% re-used T-shirts

From Abode houses to all bamboo interiors & restoring bicycles to sewing with factory leftovers, these principles of low cost – high quality original creations from repurposed materials & designing for the love of it and letting the profit work itself out are still his core design values

About libre desings

Let’s start with the varied meanings of ‘libre’

Depending on the context libre means; free, available to all, vacant, free range, without obli


Rye’s Revolutions

1st class – 2nd hand cycles

Ride like new & with more style then ever before

Fully accessorized & customized for less then a new cycle

about 85% of the metal is reused, saving habitats & C02 emissions 

Rye’s lifewear & accessories 

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Total Custom Orders

We are excited to hear your customized ideas.

 We are happy to work with any wild card design ideas, no matter how challenging.

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Happy Clients

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- Rakib Hasan